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Владислав Сапожников
Michael Steblev
Born in the Ukraine. Trades on the stock exchange – since 2005. Medalist "Battle of traders' 2012. Only 10 of the 193 unprofitable trade weeks. Under his leadership, more than 40 traders. He is fond of sports and cuisines of the world.
Ольга Воронцова
Olga Vorontsova
Deputy General Director
She was born in Ukraine. The head of the finance department. Expert in the field of economics and law. He has two higher education.
Fond of French cinema and foreign literature.
Bruna Hertz
Head Office
She was born in Germany. The young and talented specialist in the Secretariat, Office of Management and organizational issues.
Hobbies & ndash; Sports, fitness and an active lifestyle.
Aniil Gotra
Born in India. An experienced trader, long lived and worked in China. Engaged in individual training.
Specialization - day-trading on various instruments.



Highly qualified specialists

All of our employees have received specialized education in the best universities. Regularly held training courses in different countries.



Doing things you love and are very successful. Our company is a leader in the provision of such services.


Customer focus

Customer focus - the main component of our work, proclaiming the primacy of the principles of customer satisfaction, meet their expectations, anticipating their desires in the implementation of all our activities.


Philosophy and Ethics

Business style of our company is open and mutually beneficial cooperation with customers and partners, based on professionalism and competence. We conduct business honestly and kindly, showing flexibility, optimism and faith in the result.

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